Purpose: Is to have a good understanding of what your job is and what is expected of you.

Goals: Attain 100% or better efficiency to maximize income opportunities. Improve how our industry is viewed in the public eye.

Duties & expectations concerning shop flow:

  1. Technicians are expected to be here and ready to begin work on customer vehicles at the designated start time.
  2. At the start of the day, the tech takes the first inspection sheet from the top of their rack and begins the diagnosis or service.
  3. If a carry over job is still in the tech’s bay, then they should review what is first in their rack and proceed with whichever vehicle will maximize efficiency first.
  4. If there is any confusion on what is requested on an inspection sheet, the tech must get clarification before proceeding.
  5. The tech will then pull the vehicle in and begin the evaluation, beginning with recording all of the vehicle info on the inspection sheet in a legible fashion. If any warning lights are on it is to be recorded on sheet at this time.
  6. Once a diagnosis is made, the tech should always check for additional repairs & services that may be needed.
  7. A complete list of recommended services and a detailed list of parts required, billed hours needed and any other pertinent information related to the repair needs to be clearly listed on the inspection sheet and then placed in the “waiting for approval” bin in the office.
  8. ALL steps taken during diagnosis will be written out so they can be properly recorded on the repair order and communicated to the customer. This includes all diagnostic time that needs to be charged on the repair order.
  9. At this point the tech will proceed to the next inspection sheet in their rack and repeat the above procedure.
  10. The tech is responsible for keeping an eye on their rack for sheets that have been approved and returned to rack from front office. All approved repairs and services will be listed and hi-lighted on the inspection sheet along with the total production hours that will be accrued for the job.
  11. If there is a question on the allowed billed hours for a job either too many or not enough, the tech is to communicate to the service writer to ensure an error hasn’t occurred or to clear up any misunderstandings.
  12. Once all approved services and repairs have been completed and the vehicle test driven to verify repairs, the sheet is then to be returned immediately to the “done” bin in the front office.

Additional duties and expectations:

  1. Techs are expected to keep their work areas clean at all times. If a repair produces a particularly large mess, the work area is to be cleaned before proceeding to the next vehicle.
  2. Techs are also expected to help with general shop cleaning and organization as needed. We have the nicest independent repair facility to work in, we all must do our part to keep it that way.
  3. When retrieving shop supplies from the store room, the entire case is to be put away at that time, not just one can removed and a partial case left in store room. Partial cases will not be left on the shop floor either. Restock the whole case if you get one out. If a particular supply is low, management is to be notified.
  4. Customer vehicles are to be treated with the utmost respect and care. This includes the use of fender covers, seat covers, and floor mats as needed.
  5. When a vehicles engine needs to be running with the car in the shop when doors are closed, exhaust hoses will be used. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. All shop equipment is to be returned to its proper place and in clean condition at the completion of any job where such equipment was required.
  7. All empty parts boxes, old parts, and any other items are to be picked up or disposed of before proceeding to the next vehicle or leaving at break or end of day.

Valuable Final Product: Produce properly diagnosed and repaired vehicles and services at 100% or better efficiency


Conclusion: This job description is subject to review and revision at any time.

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